Mesa & Phoenix $200 Bankruptcy: Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Court Phoenix Arizona

Bankruptcy Court Phoenix Arizona

A Mesa & Phoenix $200 Bankruptcy: Chapter 7.

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I am happy to prepare your Phoenix $200 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 documents. I developed a system that creates certainty and security that your AZ bankruptcy petitions will be prepared correctly and timely. This process is what drives my business. I have been in the legal field since 1987. Over that time, I developed a system that simplifies the process and assists you as a person to feel in control. That is why experience matters. If you need to file a Phoenix bankruptcy for $200, please give me a call or send an email.

What is included in a Mesa & Phoenix $200 Bankruptcy?

At your direction, I will prepare a Mesa & Phoenix $200 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, schedules, means test, and plan if necessary. As a matter of law, I cannot file your Petition and Schedules to initiate your bankruptcy. I do file certain documents, as required by bankruptcy law, after you file your Chapter 7 at the bankruptcy court.

As an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer, I am what most people think of as a paralegal or that I provide paralegal services. Even if a person is a paralegal, they can only provide document preparation if they are licensed through the State of Arizona as a Document Preparer.

Here is a link to the federal government’s information page on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 Information page.

I help clients in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and other cities in AZ with filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy laws protect you and your family from creditors. It stops garnishments of all kinds including wage garnishments and bank account garnishments. Additionally, it can relieve your family from the pressures of paying debts you cannot afford.

When the laws changed in 2005, the bankruptcy petition and schedules changed and require a Debtor to take additional steps.

I cannot advise you on whether you should file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but I can properly fill out the paperwork. If you need advice, I will be able to refer you to competent attorneys who can address your questions.

Costs of a Mesa & Phoenix $200 Bankruptcy:

Court Filing Fee: $306.

Credit Report From My Office: Single $35 or Married $65.

I look forward to assisting you and your family through a Phoenix $200 Bankruptcy.

To begin the process fill out the following form and bring to your appointment with the Document Preparer: DP.Individual Questionnaire pdf

By Kimberly Gagliardi